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About me

People ask me about the name of my blog and the Radish part.  I used radishes because they are visual attractive, round and red. And when old, they are old a little caustic and biting.   Sometimes that is me. 

 I live on Puget Sound, in Washington with my husband.   My subject matter is always in flux.  I go through different crazes and my blog goes with me.  I enjoy food, photography, I love my family, and I am creative always.  I write about life.    


September 30, 2014

I do not know why I do not shoot more food pictures except that I am so messy.  It occurred to me yesterday as I was making a blueberry crumble how a real artist photography would change the way it looked.  I tried, but I was in a hurry and I did not drag out the props and background to make it ethereal or something else, dark and mysterious. But does a crumble demand more?


September 27, 2014

Just as Fall has begun, new cookbooks are arriving on the scene.  I always get excited at new cookbooks in the same way that I am addicted to  hors d'oeuvres at other people homes.  It is unflattering, but I do gobble.  Here in the photo is one,  Easy Gourmet.  Stephanie Le is a blogger at  Check that out and see if you like her stuff.  The other cookbook that I have recently purchased is the Martha Stewart One Pot.  In summer I am a food in different piles person.  But now that it is fall I am craving some jumbled up stuff like casseroles and stews.  Both these books kind of meet that need.  

Last night from Martha's book I made turkey pot pie topped with biscuits.  Mr. Radish kept saying Turkey Pot Pie? But after dinner he said, "You can make this again."  I had adjusted the amount for the two of us for dinner and we will have the leftovers for lunch.  Tomorrow for lunch Mr. Radish will be asking what we are doing for lunch?  I will say turkey pot pie.  He will say, "turkey pot pie?"  Then he will smile and say , "good".


These two books are not Kindle candidates, their format is too weird.  



September 25, 2014/ Race in America


For several weeks now I have been thinking about race relations in America, no thanks to the Press.  My actual knowledge of the black race are limited to my living in Los Angeles close to USC for a year when I was just married and there were only four blocks of Japanese between the Jewish section where I lived, and the black section.  Occasionally I had to ride the bus home from downtown and where I had to change buses, I was the only white  in sight.    Mr. Radish and I were in Berkeley when the Black Panthers were there, and the last time was when we were on the street late in Berkeley and my husband got clobbered by a black gang of thugs.

Last week I heard that 75% of black children do not have fathers in the home.  . I am going to read Ben Carson's book One Nation to see what his solution is.  I read Thomas Sowell to see what he thinks.

Today I watched a video of James Golden,72, who is Rush Limbaugh's call screener , who is black, and talks about the black community.  He says that the black community must deal with, and own this problem.   In any case, he has a good video interview and here is the link:     I am interested in what blacks think is their solution.  I have read little from women on this subject.  But most everyone seems to feel that the black man needs to be moved back into the home.  


Above is the small post office at Lake Quinalt and mini stream.  


September 23/ Equinox and War

Today is the autumnal equinox and it is late this year.  Well Google says that it is the Fall Equinox, but it was really yesterday at about 7:30 pm PDT. I served my first fall meal of roasted peppers, onion, tomatoes and Italian sausages.  I wore longer pants.  

Yesterday we also air invaded Syria.  

Today Thomas Sowell posted a column, Who Wants War? Here us the link  

Obviously no one wants war.  But here is a small insert from the piece.  

"When Winston Churchill surveyed the staggering magnitude of worldwide carnage and destruction at the end of World War II, he said that there was never a war easier to prevent than the one which had just devastated so much of the world."

No one wanted to put their foot down in the beginning.   


September 23, 2014/ Rainforest

This last weekend we drove the Olympic Peninsula and dinned at the Lake Quinalt Lodge which is a National Park Lodge.  We have stayed there once before on our anniversary and it was a true delight.  I raved about the dinner for two years. The Lodge reminds me of going to the Grand Canyon Lodge when I was five during the war.  I think this is why I am so taken with this particular Lodge.  

Although I have seen many large trees in Redwood Country, we went to see this very large cedar.  It's old root system was beautiful.