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About me

People ask me about the name of my blog and the Radish part.  I used radishes because they are visual attractive, round and red. And when old, they are old a little caustic and biting.   Sometimes that is me. 

 I live on Puget Sound, in Washington with my husband.   My subject matter is always in flux.  I go through different crazes and my blog goes with me.  I enjoy food, photography, I love my family, and I am creative always.  I write about life.    


March 30, 2015

Yesterday was Palm Sunday and we went to our Episcopal Church in St. Augustine and on leaving town, we passed this parade going into the Catholic Church.  I did not get Queen Isabella in the picture, but these are men from the Fort.  Plus obviously the Priest.

Last night we watched our recorded Cris Wallace Sunday Morning Reports, and it is utterly chilling to listen to Retired head of Military  Defense Intelligence, Lt. General Michael Flynn,  talk about the Middle East.  He was speaking about the negotiations and our dealing with them.   If you can find him on the Internet, I would look at it.  

We also watched the first half of Killing Jesus on the National Geographic Channel.  I was struck with the countryside.  It looks like a God awful place.  You see on television different parts of the Middle East and it looks the same God Awful.  Coming from the State of Washington, it looks like a wasteland.  No water, no green.  The characters in the television piece are very scruffy, are costumed well.  It is good to see the little sense of humor and fun in Jesus. We will finish this up tonight. Seeing this, and having the Passion read in Church sets the stage for Easter.   Easter is the season of Joy.  We can use some of that.  




March 27, 2015

This photo is not a set up.  I did move the salt shaker slightly, but everything else is was just like this when I sat down to breakfast.  What is interesting about the photo is the color palette.  Orange and green like this sit slightly ajar at opposite ends of the color wheel.  I have loved these colors for forever.  The place mats must be over ten years old.  


I was listening to a lecture the other day, and the woman photographer, Julieanne Kost, had her photo journal in her hand.  She said that creating a journal of some of your photos is a good idea because you learn so much about yourself. I have started creating a book of my some of my better photos or ones which I liked for some reason.  What I saw was the colors I liked, what I liked to shoot, if I was trying different techniques, etc.  What you would see is what colors you were drawn to, what you liked to shoot. Women, I might find that it would show what colors pull you in. What colors you could decorate. Think about those colors.  Look at a color wheel purchased at Michael's or on the Internet.  See what other colors might go with your favorites. Add a chair to your house of that color, or placemats.  Or work out some other color on the wheel.    


I have used a spectrum of time of a little over a year for these book photos.  I have printed some out , but I have not photographed them together yet.I am really enjoying making this book.  It is not  neccessarily for anyone but me, and I do not have to choose photos where people are magazine perfect. If fact, if you are family or friends, relax, there are no photos of people but Mr. Radish.   


March 26, 2015

Two of my three daughters and their families are coming for Easter. While they have both been here to my town, they have not come to our condo.  These two were not all that happy about our move across the country.  My own mother and father moved away from me across the country when I was approximately their age.  So I know the feeling of utter abandonment that my girls felt.  At the time I was living 8 hours away from my mom, and really I did not see her all that often and I still felt abandonment.    

I am the sort of person that wants things perfect.  Everyone get along.  No yelling. No political fights.  Everyone pitch in.  But to be honest, age takes a lot away from perfectionism.  No one one else wants to participate in my perfectionism. They do not want to stay home and bake a cake for dessert, they want to be at the beach reading, or to be able to dip in the pool when they get a little hot.  Which seems more relaxing and fun to you?

We are all growing a little more individual as we age.  Undoubtedly some people will huff off somewhere.  Mr. Radish and I will get a little more uptight and terse as we realize we can no longer control everything, and retreat into our quiet places of ourselves.  But time is running out.  We have to practice for when we go see them this summer. Our grandchildren are going to outgrow visiting grandparents.  Who knows when our son-in-laws will put their foot down, and say this is not the way I am going to spend MY Vacation.  For me, I am going to ask God to help me be the kind of person that my grandchildren would find it worth growing old.  It is going to be paper napkins, sometimes paper plates, and as I said last week, "just assume everybody is doing the best they can", and I am packing my stuff for the pool too.  




March 23,2014

It is raining here and it is going to rain all day.  A rainy day in Florida is pretty much like a rainy day in the State of Washington.  Dark.  For Mr. Radish and me this cuts down on the motor cycles going past our place. I can see the walkers out with umbrellas.  Umbrellas are not used much in Washington.  The residents just "take" the rain. Seattle the rain is light, as they are protected by the Oympic mountains.  On the coast where the rain drops are bigger and it is more windy, an umbrella is a nuisance, whipping inside out.  But, if you were in Downtown Seattle, you might put up with the nuisance if your coif was special.  Otherwise, you would pull up your "hoodie", and get on with it.   




I woke up this morning with the remnants of a dream.  I was discussing with other students about buying software that would correct all gramatical errors.  Everything would come out as if E.B White  had written it.  Perfect order.  The two other students in the dream were going for it.  But I, I knew I needed the software, but in doubt about giving up my own style.  My family will be saying, "YES! Go buy this imaginary thing".  Here is an example: do I want to put this last period inside or outside of the quote. . .  Could help.



March 20, 2015


But I still do not want to talk Race with Starbuck Baristas.  Even Karrem Abdul Jabbar, of basketball fame, says that while it is important to talk about race, this is not the way to go about it.  

What is called talking about race today in my opinion, is not the question, poverty, entitlements, loss of family, especially fathers are the questions.  I lived in Los Angeles for one year quite near a huge black section.  But then until I moved here I was in black free places.  Where I now live, there are blacks.  It is  more upscale and not once have I felt uncomfortable or had any kind of bad experience.  People are nice to each other.