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About me

People ask me about the name of my blog and the Radish part.  I used radishes because they are visual attractive, round and red. And when old, they are old a little caustic and biting.   Sometimes that is me. 

 I live on Puget Sound, in Washington with my husband.   My subject matter is always in flux.  I go through different crazes and my blog goes with me.  I enjoy food, photography, I love my family, and I am creative always.  I write about life.    


May 2, 2015


You may have heard that Florida is the place that old people go to die.  And die they do.  So what is so great about that?  The consignment shops.  

Our new next door neighbors turned us on to the first shop.  Yesterday we bought a love seat and a bedstead. Prices are great.  This has been a slow time in the furniture buying business, I suppose related to tax season, but also if you are buying a place to live, basically your buying is frozen.  It turns out Mr. Radish is the perfect person to go into a consignment store as he really, really looks at things.  I am good because I ask if the price tag is the best price.  And you know, it wasn't .  I had hundreds of dollars marked down on the bed.  

I did not think about race riots,  or the murders of Issus.   I just said, thank you God, for these wonderful deals.  


April 28, 2015/Baltimore

Last night my husband and I stayed up late watching the riots of Baltimore.   I just hate riots.  And of course the instigators of race riots know people hate them and how fearful the general public is of them.  This satisfaction gives  great power to the rioters. The first riot that really got Mr. Radishes and my attention was the race riots of LA, we had just moved to Berkeley, then the next one  was in Berkeley one block from where we lived, but we had just moved to Arcata in Northern California. One year while I was working at the Admissions Office of the University, the Black Panthers gathered in front of the building.  I had to walk by them to get home.  
Our granddaughter is in Baltimore, at Johns Hopkins graduating in a month.   We are worried about her.  As it turns out, today she moved out of her apartment, into a friend of her mother's house.  I do not know if she is happy about it, but the rest of the family is much happier.  
The only positive thing in this whole mess that you can see on television,  is the one woman who saw her son throwing rocks at police and she went and smacked him around good.   I wonder how many of the protesters had drugs in their blood.  I wonder how many ever went to church.  I wonder how many of them were of fatherless homes.  How many could not keep a job?  My daughter reminded me that Baltimore is a very corrupt city, and that means to me that a lot of money has gone into the pockets of politians.  Nancy Pelosi's father and brother were mayors of Baltimore and did such a poor job that she ran away first to New York and then San Francisco.
April 29, 
I add here that what we have seen, is not just a problem of race.  It is a problem of youth and lack of parenting.  It is a problem of cell phones and electrical devices.   
May 1
Yes it is May Day.  And as a child I did deliver flower baskets to old ladies.  
I have not posted this until now because I have been waiting for my squarespace group get back to me on my paragraphs not staying separated.  But also I am thinking this was such a dumb post as everyone has already heard this.  But I am going with it.  I am now seeing now that the woman that slapped her son around is being criticized.   I have been critical on younger parents who do not show when they are angry.   This woman was angry and her son will remember it.  If he makes it to 50, he will be laughing and telling the story about his momma.  
Love to you all.  I pray PEACE for this weekend.  
Sorry about the paragraphing.  xxxooo

April 24, 2015/ A shop and Pinterest

I could not leave this week with the last post.   
Before I blogged and was interested in photography, I knit, before that I sewed, the last two really life long interests.  I have been looking for blue and I patterned pillow cases, and I have been unable to find them, so yesterday I went to a quilt store.  Unless I was looking for something, I would have never stopped in there, as on the outside it was plain and small.But it had a good website, so I knew something must be going on.  Inside it was colorful and very large.    I went in the store and I was welcomed.  It was like I was sucked into heaven.  The women, mostly around my age, helped me, talked with me, talked about their personal likes and dislikes, and wanted to know about me.  While I know that I will not take up quilting again, I know that if I am bored,or lonely,  I can go and take a class.  
I also want to say that I am on Pinterest.  I do  go through it everyday. Somehow I got into some pretty unlikely topics like bridal gowns, but I use it as a filling system, and  to date it is the best way for me.  I have used Evernote and Tumblr, but much to my surprise, Pinterest works for me.  I really do not expect that people follow me, unlike my blog.  But I will point out that I have some pretty good recipes on it.  Feel free to look me up.  On Pinterest, I am Sally Calligan.
Have a wonderful weekend.  

April 22,2015/ Shit-in and Cauliflower


I can not choose what to write about, cauliflower salad or same sex bathrooms.  So I guess I will write about both.  At Cal Poly State University in California they are having a "Shit-In".  This is to protest  that although there are 17 coed bathrooms on campus, they want all coed bathrooms.   The Queer Student Organization has started the protest.  I went to the University Herald there to check this out, and I could not read much because of the turd at the beginning of the story.  I read that for people who are uncertain about their sex, they do not want to be confused by bathroom choice.   How many people in that category can there be?California State Taxes have to put up with this? And by the way, have you noticed how toilet paper in public places is getting narrower and narrower?  

Well, if you have made it this far, you deserve a reward.  Raw, thinly sliced cauliflower is terrific in a salad.  Mix with it cucumbers, radishes, green onion, and a little mint with a yogurt based dressing.  Use a mandolin, if you have one.  This is a seriously good salad.   If you do not have a mandoline, buy one.  I see raw salads like this alot in our future.   


April 21,2015


At church we generally sit in a little side alcove up at the very front.  We sit there because there is an escape to the bathroom,  and for a while I was coughing so bad, I needed to exit.  Now we sit there because we can see well.  The second row is our spot.  This Sunday a man, woman and six year old girl sat in the first row.  I once looked up and there the man was taking a puff on an electric cigarette.  Later food was pulled out and they ate as if it was a picnic.  The man did not participate in the service much, but the woman knew the ritual and had an amazingly beautiful voice. Seeing eating and smoking in church was a first for me.  It is likely they needed an escape seat also.   


Here is a 90 second video that should be going viral.  My friend Ann sent it to me.


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