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About me

People ask me about the name of my blog and the Radish part.  I used radishes because they are visual attractive, round and red. And when old, they are old a little caustic and biting.   Sometimes that is me. 

 I live on Puget Sound, in Washington with my husband.   My subject matter is always in flux.  I go through different crazes and my blog goes with me.  I enjoy food, photography, I love my family, and I am creative always.  I write about life.    


January 26, 2015

Mr. Radish and I went to see American Sniper this weekend.  I did not want to go because of the violence, but then I had seen Lone Surviver with Mark Wahlberg and lived to see the next day.   The war scenes seem very documentary.  For those who may not know, America Sniper is about Cris Kyle who had the most kills in the history of America, and this film is the most successful American War movie of all time.  The family scenes that are of equal importance to the war scenes.  Living in the Pacific Northwest, who had ever heard of this guy.  But in Texas, he was known and honored.  

Yesterday at lunch, we were sitting next to two couples our age.  I heard one man say that he heard the American Sniper was a good movie.  The two women said they could never go and see it because it was too violent for them.  One said that she preferred something lighter.  

After lunch I went up to their table and said what a good movie it was, and that Americans should see the sacrifice of these men and women.  I did not want to go to the movie either.  But I am glad I did.  We need these young people to fight for us.  I would not look good in a burka, and I am not inclined to give up my freedoms.  Many thanks to these people .  Good to be reminded.   


January 22, 2015


Continueing on with my breakfast series.  


Life is very strange.  I moved here thinking that I would love to be around more people.  Not that I need a lot of friends, but it is nice to go outside and and speak to someone as you are taking the garbage out.  We made up our mind that we were going to be more friendly and open. I had plans that I would be more helpful if my neighbors needed help.   Well, we have moved in and met really few people.  Many of the people here are part time people who have several homes., here, in Chicago or Connecticut, or New York.   Some have more than one here in this complex. Investments were made at the top of the market and when there was the crash, they could not turn the apartments.    

Last week we were invited to an urgent Property Management Meeting.  Mr. Radish went to the meeting and it turned out it was the board meeting and the board wanted to know why he was there.  He answered because he was invited.  In any case , the board members talked about how some people could not get loans because the reserves were not high enough, and then they talked about some people called the Callahans who who could not get a loan for one of the units because the reserves were not high enough. Not said in these exact terms, but they did not want to let the rift raft in.  Mr. Radish spoke up and said, "Well I am Mr. Calligan, and I do have a loan and I do live here."  We are shaking our heads still.  We are the poor white, trash they were talking about.  



January 19, 2015

My December from Sally Calligan on Vimeo.

  I had a little fun with this over December.  I realize how much I have forgotten about making videos.  There is no way I can make a perfect one.  But these are little tidbits perhaps for my kids.  



January 14, 2015

The other day I read about a woman who made the comment about how as a girl, she played in her mother's make up drawer.  My mother's make up drawer was off limits.  She really did not want me in there, yet the draw was too much for me.  I was willing to take my mother's wrath for doing the forbidden. It was so fun with her stuff.  And I could never get off the tell tale red on my lips.  I played model or movie star for years.  She had creams, some times rouge, but tons of lipsticks.  Lipstick was her go to thing to buy if she was sort of mad at my father.  She wore red/red and corals, and when she died, she had 25 tubes of coral.  I am constantly buying lipsticks, but that is because I lose them.  If she was really mad at my father, she spent expediently more.  

I do not think my girls got in the lipstick that much.  I am sure I would have gotten mad, if they as teenagers took some of mine.  But  all of the cosemetics and clothes that I worn, I think embarrassed my children so they stayed as far away as possible.  

At 76, I still go a little crazy at a makeup counter.  There are some funs that still remain.  



January 12, 2015


I am pretty impressed with the demonstration in Paris expressing solidarity against terrorism.  Looking at the photos shows the numbers of people who went out of their daily routine to show up.  And there were heads of state from different countries. Netanyahu and Angela Merkel were front and center.  It is an understatement to say that no one of the Political Statesmen from the United States showed up showing concern.  And they were conspicuous in their absence.  I am very claustrophobic, had I been a Parisian I might not have gone, but I think I would.  

Christmas Eve we went to church with family at the other set of in-laws church.  There were 13 of us. At the end of the service we lit candles and the electrical lights were dimmed. The church was large, and the were all these Christians in the same place all holding light.  It was a very visual moment.  It was a little moment that has stayed in my heart.  

This weekend in France there were all these people jamming the streets together voicing protest over terrorism, and the United States did not show up.  (Eric Holder was in Paris, I am told.) It is dubious that this had an influence on Islamic Muslims.  What can be said about the Paris protest, is that we are all a little flummoxed over how to handle these attacks, but we are still seriously together on peace,  and freedom, a safe environment, democracy, and for that matter the ability to practice Judaism, and Christianity should we choose.That parade was for us to keep in our heart.