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About me

People ask me about the name of my blog and the Radish part.  I used radishes because they are visual attractive, round and red. And when old, they are old a little caustic and biting.   Sometimes that is me. 

 I live on Puget Sound, in Washington with my husband.   My subject matter is always in flux.  I go through different crazes and my blog goes with me.  I enjoy food, photography, I love my family, and I am creative always.  I write about life.    


September 2, 2014/Perhaps new things.  

The day after Labor Day is like the New Year.   We get to change things up.  Although we know we are going to be more busy, it is still a mark of change.  When I had children at home I always thought everything would calm down after school started.  No chance.  Suddenly there were more things to be done. Then suddenly it is Christmas.  But after school started, I had that delicious second cup of coffee all by myself.  Today I may think about how to change things up here at home.  




August 31, 2014 Fruit and Camera

Even though it is overcast here, I will not, I will NOT submit yet to fall food.  Fall cooking is perhaps my favorite season to cook.  But at least last week was the week you wait for all year.  There is a selection of lots of fruits and vegetables.  The produce here has been at its best, and it is cheap.  The peaches and nectarines are coming in from Eastern Washington and can drip down your face as you eat them. I made pound cake with the butter and eggs above to go with sliced peaches with a little brandied cherry juice thrown in.  

We now have real tomatoes that have seen sunlight, and they are not shaped perfectly because they have been out in the dirt, facing elements.  There are melons, and even though I feel I can not afford them, I am going to buy  crenshaws I love them so much with lime juice.  Now there are really big watermelons in the stores, but they are pointless as there are only two of us.  There must be some power in good watermelons because when they are good, I can not get enough of it.  My body seems to need it.

I have been taking a couple of classes on line this month. One is a photography class where I have learned much.  Today is the last assignment and it is called the decisive moment.   I am off to look for that decisive moment, maybe when the fish jumps or Bradley Cooper walks through the grocery store door.  

This photos caption is , "Thinking about pound cake".


August 28,2014/ on the Oregon Coast

If you have not been to the Oregon Coast, and if you like nature and the ocean, you should go.  I am a huge believer in traveling this country.  The Oregon coast is an American treasure.  Rarely is there perfect weather.  There are many parks for camping, but most an advanced reservation would be advisable.  The light houses are wonderful and there are great trails.  The beaches are great, small and large. This photo is the same place as the upper left of the photo above.  And this is at a scenic stop.  Unlike the Atlantic, you do not swim.  You investigate, walk, smell, breathe.

Photography is a long learning curve.  At the above spot I worked on my shutter speed.  I was happy to get the wave just so.  


August 25, 2014/ Long road home

I took this trip to McKinleyville, California very seriously, because I am thinking this is the last time we are going to drive it, if we go at all.   It is a difficult drive whether you drive from Seattle via the coast or down I-5. One way is faster, boring, and you are with a lot of vehicles .  The coast is beautiful, so beautiful, but it is slow with summer traffic and 2 lane highways.  We are out of touch with the price of hotel rooms and we had to take what we could get because we had not made reservations.

Secondly this was the last time we would likely see our old friends, if we move to Florida.  We attended an 80th birthday party, and many of our old friends were collected at this one place.  I felt it was my party.  I talked to many people that in years past I talked to at cocktail parties for 15 minutes.  I talked to them for the same 15 minutes at this party.  But my good friends I felt a need to have some in depth time.  On this trip we made an effort to visit, or have lunch or dinner with people face to face.  This was very rewarding.  

Oddly enough we started coming home and I felt the need to see daughters, but especially the grandsons.  I realized I think on this trip the meaning of moving away.  We went to stay at one daughter's where the four west coast grandsons were.  It was a typical time, nothing special.  They did not cater to me, I did not cater to them.  Although every once and a while one boy would come up and give me a hug.  I was just in the midst, and that was the way I wanted it.  

Here below are the cowboy musicians at the party.



August 23,2014

You know the story about the dog that ate my homework.   This is the first time that I have blogged since the 14th because on our trip to and from California, I  could not get on the Internet.  My friends do not know that they have modums, or routers or that new technology  has replaced what they have.  And in some ways it is delightful that they do not care.  If they have passwords they do not know them.  We stopped at one hotel where the Internet was down.  One hotel the ordeal of getting on the Internet for free was complicated.

Here is a picture of the bridge at Astoria, Oregon on the Columbia River.  This photo is taken from the restaurant that we had dinner.  Here there are many, many males seals and pups and they growled and  yupped constantly.  I thought they were perhaps mating, but that takes place in California.  There was a little rumble with males irritated with another male, or trying to keep the young pups down.