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About me

People ask me about the name of my blog and the Radish part.  I used radishes because they are visual attractive, round and red. And when old, they are old a little caustic and biting.   Sometimes that is me. 

 I live on Puget Sound, in Washington with my husband.   My subject matter is always in flux.  I go through different crazes and my blog goes with me.  I enjoy food, photography, I love my family, and I am creative always.  I write about life.    


October 16, 2014/Stay away from me please.  


This ebola disease is our October surprise, even if it is no good to any political party.  I see it as having huge unknowns. And I have to say I am not thinking too positively of wanting to get on an airplane, so I guess you could say I am mini panicked.

Staying away from certain places and crowds when I was a child on very hot days was my Mother's protection against Polio. When I got measles in about third grade, someone from the county came out to the house and placed a sheet of paper on the door saying, that the house was infected with measles. I am pretty sure the word quarantine was used.   Measles was not a small deal especially for boys who could become infertile.    It was hell for a mother who somehow had to arrange to get to the grocery store. Although in those days, mothers tried to expose their girls to three day measles so they would not get it before they became pregnant.

Quarantine is a very old concept. 




October 15,2014/  Random

The geese are back, but I have not seen them.  Mr. Radish saw them the other day.   They usually arrive around my birthday and once I saw them arrive on the first sighting and what a thrill.

My birthday was great.  I went out to lunch and wore make up all day with orange blossom perfume, and had friends for dinner with short ribs and stout, plus wine and chocolate cake.  My kitchen aide is packed, so it was a cake made with a spoon.  Alice M Medrich always comes through.  

Because I thought in my heart that my house would sell way before this, I packed my winter clothes.  It is starting to get colder.  What to do?

Watched Water's World on the O'Reilly Factor and the question of the day was when did Columbus come to the America.  Well he did not come to what we think of as today's America, but the islands around Cuba.  One person did say" in 1942, Columbus sailed the ocean blue".  But most people were not close.  One girl who had to be at least 18, said 1940. Schools have not chosen Columbus to elaborate upon.  

I said to my Florida friend that I have forgotten why I even want to go to Florida, it has been so long since I was there.  She wrote back.  "Fun and Sun".  I will be wearing my new orange blossom perfume every day so I remember.   




October 12, 2014/ A little bit of stupid

This is a $$$ Japanese linen apron. which I put in the drier and it shrank six inches.  I read the label and it said not to put it in the drier.  But I said, what apron can not be washed and dried.  I did not wear this apron much because I did not want to iron it, but it was stiff and weird, so I finally put it in the wash and the drier.  Now it is soft the way I wanted it to be, and in fact I am never going to iron it.  It was a lovely length not unlike a French apron, now it is above my knees.   Easy come, easy go.  It is being worn with a bread necklace.    


October 9,2014

 This boat has been in dry dock for months.  Usually a boat scene like this is with the boat in the water.  My parents had boats and my mother liked the boat best when it was tied to the dock.  When we sailed in a small boat to Hawaii, my mother spent the whole time in her forward bed, except for the cocktail hour. There is something to be said for being attached to land.    Puget Sound has had a fantastic autumn.  It is the ninth of October and fog is here and rain is coming.  What a lovely place to have sat in the sun with a brown bag.


October 7, 2014/Use your refrigerator



Two daughters took me to an out of the ball park restaurant in Seattle for my coming birthday. Loulay is a restaurant run by a frenchman who has cooked in the Seattle area for sometime.  He also had a radio show that had to do with cooking from your refrigerator.  What is there? COOK IT.  Theirry is the man's first name and he came to our table twice to see if we were enjoying ourselves.  We certainly were.  

I have been the type of shopper who buys an assortment of things  to make a well balance group of meals. I am trying to switch over from that line of thinking to buying for two day meals at a time.   What has been happening is that I am ending up with a ton of unused vegetables.  This all got me to thinking about using them up in some way.  Frittatas, soups, salads, pastas can all use up refrigerator scraps.  You do not even need to think, maybe sautee, but really just throw them in.  Because I will be moving in the next several months, I am working on my pantry, and freezer.  Yesterday for lunch I made a pasta, with fancy mushrooms that I forgot why I bought them.  I sauteed them, added a little cream, then put them to the pasta,  and I had an outstanding meal.  Purge baby, purge.