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About me

People ask me about the name of my blog and the Radish part.  I used radishes because they are visual attractive, round and red. And when old, they are old a little caustic and biting.   Sometimes that is me. 

 I live on Puget Sound, in Washington with my husband.   My subject matter is always in flux.  I go through different crazes and my blog goes with me.  I enjoy food, photography, I love my family, and I am creative always.  I write about life.    


July 31, 2014/Peace and Stillness


A Day of Peace & stillness for me is:

A well rested husband

My family in a decent place.

knowing what is for dinner and not having to go to the store.  

Talking to any daughter on the phone.  

Working on my photos  on my computer. I love this.

Having the subject for a blog post and writing it up, and having the photo ready.  Today I did not.  

Have a little chat with God.  Try to listen instead of talk.  

Having a drink and chatting with said rested husband.  Eating the dinner I cooked hopefully very slowly so I can truly enjoy the fruits of my labor.  

Reading in bed before sleep.  This would be shortened because I have played some very stupid game of solitaire on computer.  

All Peace and calm should include a little pink.


In a week, I need several days for this.  In my younger days I had none of this.  It is not to be expected.   


July 30, 2014/ How it all gets started

My grade school was on the Stanford campus.  Connie was my best friend and her father, who was from Germany, died fighting in the great war for America.  He left his wife, three girls, one a baby and a deaf father-in-law. In my grade, Connie, was King Pin.  She could bake a cake, wield a camera, and if neccessary bring boys to the ground.  

Paula was also in the class.  Paula's Dad was a Professor and he was Jewish.  Connie told me that Paula was Jewish.  Paula was never included in anything, as she was Jewish.  In my family you were discriminated against if you were Japanese, or black.  One day, and I have reported this before, my father shouted at Connie and that was the end of being her friend.  Connie was powerful and made most of the girls in the class side in her  war against me and my father.  

This went on for a year.  Most of the girls would not talk to me, but Paula would.  Paula liked horses and playing horses did not appeal to me, but that was the price you had to pay for someone to talk to you. Paula read books and I dare say far more complicated than I was reading.  She was nice and never catty.  I never spent the night at her house, but I did have dinners. One day of Passover, I was served gevelte fish.  I told my mother I could not eat there again.  

Connie did eventually take me back. We exchanged Christmas cards for many years.  But Paula, Paula was went back to being out in the cold with no friend.  She was Jewish.  I look back and think how I did not support her.  Maybe that is what eleven is.  


July 29, 2014/ Oats and David Tanis

On our Sunday drive to La Connor, WA we pass many fields.  This we realized was oats and I can not remember having seen oats before.  Skagit Valley has much more diversity this year.  This is a big area for seed crops and this year I think spinach is on the list.   


David Tanis as a cookbook author has come to my attention.  I have avoided his books (A Platter of Figs, Heart of the Artichoke, One Good Dish) before now because they seem overly simplistic, almost as though I could have thought up the recipe myself.  He chefs at Chez Panise for six months of the year and the other six he goes to Paris to cook for friends.  His books are seasonal. They recipes are presented menu style, which I hate.  But with age comes simplistic.  Mr. Radish is eating very well.   All the amazingly expensive produce that is produced this summer, David Tanis knows what to do with them, without having to exhaust yourself making dinner. I have taken his blueberry crumble recipe and used blueberries and another time plums.  We are eating this at night and over yogurt for breakfast.   

My favorite, if I have to pick, is Heart of the Artichoke .


July 27, 2014/ Lessons

 I belong to a class in photography run by Kim Klassen.  There are some of us who take classes year after year.  Her classes are reliable, worth the money and we have followed the group.   This weeks assignment was to use a spoon and photograph a little still life of it at different times of the day and and from different angles.  

You were basically to use a spoon because it was simple enough that you could follow the sun and the shadows.  I don't like to follow instructions, and as I age I am getting worse.  But none-the-less, did I learn a lot.  First, I do not like to move my feet.  I put this set up on the glass table outside so I would get more light.  One side of the table was easy to photography.  But the other side had too much table.  I am laughing when I say this, it took me all day to figure out I could turn the box of spoons.  

Next, I am going to photography when I say I am going to photograph!!!!!  But photographing all day long, and the western exposure,  the light just kept getting better and better.  Maybe in the future I might wait.  Ha. Ha.

In these images, my image with my Iphone is in many of the spoons.  


July 26, 2014/ 


This is scallion kim chi.  Very easy to make.  There are tons of recipes on the Internet for this.  For the more mild, this took over night to ferment.   

Two nights ago I saw a night that I never thought I would see.  Mr. Radish and I went to my daughters home had dinner and spent the night.  We had our normal cocktail hour, and the teenaged boys joined us for the whole time. They interacted well, though they are both somewhat shy.  Topics varied, and they listened to the adults and we listened to them. This all continued through dinner. For more than an hour there I could see into their future and know what they could look like as men.  What a joy! I know that this might not happen again soon.  But I caught that moment.   This is all you can ask.