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 People ask me about the name of my blog and the Radish part.  I used radishes because they are visual attractive, round and red. And when old, they are old a little caustic and biting.   Sometimes that is me

 I live in Northeastern Florida, and I moved here from Puget Sound of Washington.   My subject matter is always in flux.  I go through different crazes and my blog goes with me.  I enjoy food, photography, I love my family, and I am creative always.  I write about life.   Lately I have included some politics and religion.   


February 9,2016


Never say never.   I never thought I would do something like this the first time, let alone embark on it a second time.  This is my third week this time at Project Life.  It is hard to admit that I am doing this, because I used to think one who does scrapbooking/memory keeping  is likely a goof ball or in some way subnormal.   This is like a religious conversion.   I do not even have kids at home to photo. 

So why am I doing this?.  Sometimes I think it is just about the cute cards and pockets and filling them up. And do not get me wrong, this is not for anyone else.  My kids can shit can them, or kick them down the road to their children.  But for me I am finding this both an outlet and a tool.  Sometime sooner or later I will quit this blog.  I want to have some place to move to. At least that is what I think now. Secondly I have all these photos on my computer that sit there.  I have wanted them to see the light of day.  Third, this year I am trying to be invested in my word TREASURE. I see this system of memory keeping as a tool.  I have activities that I plan to put to work with my word.  For example I am going to try to treasure my friends by contacting them, two or more a week.  So you contact them, that was nice.  But i could put down what was said. For me this is a lot of talking to people in ill health.  I might like to be reminded later what was said.  

Many times over the years I have tried to record what I cooked for dinner.  Mainly so I could do it again if it was easy.  A card in this album is pretty easy to do, if you do it as you go so that you do not forget.  

Here for the Internet I have left out personal mail.  But I put it in there too.  

Many people work digitally and print up a book at the end of the  year.  I like the tactile feeling of touching the photos and cards.  

Here I added cards for my grandsons.  This took me a good part of Saturday.  Then later if someone asked me what I did Saturday.  I would say, Oh, I don't know, not much.  I would not have the cards or remember how they looked.  This way I can look and say, "Yes, I did Valentines for the boys".   

I am going to write about the political temperature more, and include some of my reading.  I am going to try to include the whole of my life.  




February 8,  2016


Saturday was Valentine Making Day.  I had a lot of fun writing these.  I had bought the digital elements from Ali Edwards.  Since the price of a really good Valentine has become expensive, and I add a little green into the card, why not make your own.  Get your Valentines out there.  I am getting them in the mail today and it already may be to late.   


February 4, 2016


Mr. Radish was in a waiting room yesterday.  Maybe about an hour.  The television  was showing Pres. Obama at a mosque.     An older couple was sitting in the room talking to each other and there was a woman sitting with a cell phone.  Mr Radish said that she looked hardened.  I am not sure  if he meant a Roller Derby Queen, round, and round, but for the sake of this story  she is RD.


Mr. Radish said that maybe he had to be in a waiting room, but he did not have to watch Obama in a mosque.  He tried to turn it off, but there was no clicker.  He tried to unplug it, but the plug was hidden.   He started talking to the couple in the room. The man and wife were anxious to chat and the man talked about being in two wars.  He joined the navy when he was 17.  Another couple walked in the room and joined the talk.  Suddenly Roller Derby Queen sat up and said, “I just hate that Man”, meaning Obama.  “I just hate, hate, hate him”.   Everyone agreed that they did not like him at all.  Then Roller Derby said, “And I hate her, too.”  Everyone agreed they very much  did not like Hilary either.  RD said, “She lies, lies, lies”, and brought up on her cell phone lies that Hilary had told.  


So here is the Poll from a Florida waiting room.  Six no votes for Hilary  from Florida.  Hunda pacent.  


February 29,2016

This photo does not do these shoes justice.  They really are silver and they look so Florida.  


Today is Iowa Caucus Day.  It is the day before Ground Hog.  They both are about the same thing: how long will winter last.  

I am thinking we need a National Habitual Truth Day.  There are a lot who would not be able to show up. But they would be conspicuous in their absence.  However, there are a lot of people who still do know how to tell the truth.  Now if I was asked did I ever passed on classified information. On National Truth day I would have to say yes.  Maybe a couple of times I passed it on unknowingly.  For the most part I knew something was classified.  For what ever reason, I passed it on anyway.  I am happy to say there are not a lot of these incidences. In our heart of hearts we know what is classified.  

There are a lot of young who are not telling the truth.  This is reported by mothers of teenagers  and college kids.  Mainly they tell what others want to hear, like I did take out the garbage. Not big things , but questions they do not want to deal with.   

Government is particularly bad at truth.  These are the unemployed numbers for the fourth quarter.  Oh oops. We are in a good recovery.  There was a video that started the Benghazi attack.


Then we could follow NATIONAL TRUTH DAY with NATIONAL I WILL DAY.   I will take out the garbage.  I will not complain, I wil eliminate 30 minutes of scrolling. I will think how I can help someone out,  I will turn the other cheek.  Well, hopefully.    


January 29, 2016


In the rain. 

I have to admire people who put out a column several times a week.  How great to pull yourself together when you do not feel like it, to get something out there in the world.  Worse, to write something when you can not think of a thing to say.  Anything said seems pitiful.  What is happening in the way of exciting, newsworthy is a joke. And if something is newsworthy what and how do you say it.   Yesterday I went back to bed at 10, went to see the movie 13 HOURS, sat in front of my computer for a long time trying to write a blog.  Made carrot soup, which was good.  And I watched the debates.  

I have to say going back to bed put me out of my misery for a while and felt good besides.

You do not HAVE to go see 13 HOURS, but it is important you should know that under the 2012 administration, the United States workers in Bengazi were left out to dry by themselves to fight when help was refused. This has not been the American way.   If want to know what the life of SEALS are like, see the movie.  They do a lot for us. This is an aside, but I was made fully aware of how cell phones are used constantly among the terrorists to do there work.  These ARE their computers.  

When you have bone broth in your refrigerator, a lot of fabulous soups are possible.

Probably this was the best debate so far if you wanted to learn more about the Republican candidates. Many would be fine to be my president.