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About me

People ask me about the name of my blog and the Radish part.  I used radishes because they are visual attractive, round and red. And when old, they are old a little caustic and biting.   Sometimes that is me. 

 I live on Puget Sound, in Washington with my husband.   My subject matter is always in flux.  I go through different crazes and my blog goes with me.  I enjoy food, photography, I love my family, and I am creative always.  I write about life.    


February 25, 2015/ Cooking and Cookbooks

I have confessed that I am a buyer of cookbooks.  I alliviate my stress buying cookbooks during this move to Florida.  I buy them for a lot of reasons:
I like the author, the recipes look easy; the recipes look interesting, different, summery,wintery,healthy, I have not  baked in a while, I am mad at my husband.  When I moved I gave away many books, my church made a considerable amount off of my cookbooks.  I realized then that  books take up so much space and they are heavy and many I do not cook out after the newness has worn off.  
This week a book arrived from Amazon RELAE by Christian Puglisi an Italian who is a chef in Denmark. The subtitle is A BOOK OF IDEAS.  As a book, it is quality.  Nice cover, good photographs, big print, index (which surprisingly these days is being left out). Here is an example of the recipes.  Oxalis roots, sheep's Milk Yogurt with beets and black currants, Pork from Hindstrom and Rye,  Fried Salsify and Bergamot.  I think you get the idea.  I bought this book because it was reviewed as having world changing ideas.  
Here is the thing.  I almost gag when I say it, but I am getting old.  
Food is more of a getting food on the table, and I realize that the fun is not in the cooking anymore.  Fun is reading cookbooks. The rub is that I am particular about what I eat.  That does not mean I will not fix a hotdog.  But it does mean that it has to be good.  
Now  what I want is a cookbook that I can cook out of, one that will have a minimum of 30% recipes that I would cook.  And want to cook.  SHEET PAN SUPPERS, was great and had the general idea of what I want. More than five ingredients is too much.  No one is writing great cookbooks for the over seventy crowd.   And there are a lot of us.  But this is what I pledge, for the moment.  I am going to carefully read reviews, and go back to buying books.  And perhaps I am forever, off of buying these crazy books that ingredients like Hinstrom, and oxalis.  
To be continued another day.  

February 23, 2015/ 

I did manage to make a cherry pie yesterday in honor of George.  The cherry part was easy, frozen cherries.  But I blew myself away because I think I might know how to make pie crust. This was the second time I used this recipe.   It is about time, because pie , or ice cream is my favorite dessert.  I bought the book PIE SCHOOL by Kate Lebo for my kindle.  Mainly concentrating on  fruit pies which are needlessly complicated.  But the pie crust section is very good.   Her method is by making the crust by hand, and incredibly cold water, and the way you treat the dough with your hands, never kneading the dough, but allowing the fat and flour go through your upturned hands and swishing the lumps of fat, and letting them fall through your fingers. Your hands are as if the were turned up for praise.   Then taking your almost frozen water and using enough of it to come together, however much it takes.  I use half lard and half butter, but you could use all butter.   This finished pie  crust is very flaky and very tasty.  
There is a saying about "easy as pie", but no one ever said pie making was fast.  And I am not sure if I became proficient it would be much faster.   Here at home, pies will be special occasion events.   

February 20, 2015/ decorating


Getting a new house together goes in fits and spurts.  I have an interior designer who is truly helping me.  And the whole process is a lot of fun.  This woman is keeping me from shooting myself in the foot.  I have a lot of wooden pieces of furniture.  It is a mish mash, but we have bought the pieces over time and for the most part we continue to like the pieces years after we have purchased them.  I moved into this condominium that was owned by a woman who wanted everything Tuscan.  She has Tuscan pillars and Tuscan chandelier. A very darling crystal chandelier is in where the toilet is.   I thought nothing of it because I like Tuscany, I like Italian food.  The walls were a tasteful green beige.   I hit the paint lottery there. My furniture did not clash and it was all pretty serene. I started to hate it.  I could not figure out what was wrong.  I like monochromatic when  I look in magazines or on line.  Except I didn't. I started thinking about color.  I was desperate. . . I started thinking purple. I needed fun.  In fact, I was thinking of painting the biggest piece of furniture I have, dark berry.   But this is what the woman did for me, she suggested that might not be a good idea.  Maybe something smaller like a stool, or a stand to put a pot. She has learned proportions.  


February 18, 2015



I have been to Ash Wednesday services.  Mr. Radish and I both went, and it was his first time, but I have gotten the ashes many, many years. As a group, the congregation was old, but here in Florida the population is mainly older people.  I may have supposed this, but I was thinking that these were the generations that remembered WWII. I felt that we were there being Christians when there are fewer and fewer Christians.  We have to be examples.    I felt that I was there for the Egyptians who were beheaded. I have worn my ashes until now when I am home.

Lent is a time of self examination, prayer, fasting , Bible reading, Corporate Prayer and deeds of Mercy.  The point of all these things is that we not try for a good grade, but try to be closer to God and more merciful to others.  I have not been a very good faster in the past.  And I am frightful at abstinence.  But like exercise , trying counts.  I read that a small breakfast, one full meal, and half of another counts.

Most days I pray for our country. But today we were told in our sermon that unless we are not working on improving our own life with God, we can not count on Him to improve our Nation.  I do not know if this is true.  But just in case, I am going to work harder in my prayer life,  and hope that I can make do with a half of a sandwich for lunch.      




February 13, 2015/Never to late to change, maybe




Pat yourself on the back if you remembered that yesterday the 12th was Lincoln's birthday.    Will make the effort to make a cherry pie on the 22nd. 


I picked up  a short book LEARNING TO PRAY AGAIN for my Kindle.  Although everyone prays, even though it maybe asking for good weather for a picnic, test results  be good, or thoughts for the old man on the ground in the grocery parking lot will be revived.   I believe that God hears these thoughts.   This book talks about the many ways of praying and not all of them are suitable for everyone.  This I found good news because I refuse to practice some of the methods, such as Lectio Diviino. Fasting, walking, table Grace, Confession are all forms of prayer.  

"If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is," thank you", it will be enough."   said Meister Eckhardt (a 14th century German mystic.  I like this.  Maybe I can do this. I think perhaps I have not been specific enough in my prayers.  Though sometimes I am on a wave lenghth that I feel God is very near, sometimes I think he knows me so well, he knows what I want prayed about.  I am currently thinking that this is lazy.  The review of what I want is perhaps an important step.  Many times I have thrown a name out to God, with out saying what I want.  Or not saying thank you for the gifts that person gives to me.  I intend to be more specific.    

The author of this little book keeps his prayer list on his cell phone.