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 People ask me about the name of my blog and the Radish part.  I used radishes because they are visual attractive, round and red. And when old, they are old a little caustic and biting.   Sometimes that is me

 I live in Northeastern Florida, and I moved here from Puget Sound of Washington.   My subject matter is always in flux.  I go through different crazes and my blog goes with me.  I enjoy food, photography, I love my family, and I am creative always.  I write about life.   Lately I have included some politics and religion.   


July 28, 2015

The book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo is taking America,perhaps the world, by storm.  Two of my girls are reading it and acting upon it, and I did a lot of the same when I moved.  Saturday we were down in Meredith's garage and we came upon this baby-basket which was mine.  All of my girls stayed in it when brought home from the hospital and some grandchildren did too.  Most of today's babies are born are born bigger and outgrow the  basket soon.  The theme of the book is save what brings you joy.  Another book I am reading  is that if something is not a definite yes, it is a definite no.  I can say this photo brings me joy. The women in the family say this basket is off to the consignment store.  Much stuff has gone off to the Good Will, and we were happy people were going to get some good stuff.  Although some stuff was very good, they were not definite yeses.


There are some very amusing writings in the book.  But to be honest we do not know if they are intentional or not. 


July 24, Blueberry day



July 22, 2015/The old neighborhood

Above is the Seattle Skyline.  Monday we made a hurried trip up to Camano Island to visit friends.  It was a good trip in many ways.  Loved seeing these friends who cooked a lovely evening meal for us.  We tasted Bourbons to the lovely Puget Sound sunset.  Both meaningful and crazy conversation.  Perfect.  

It was good to see the reality of where I lived.  While beautiful, July is dry, and things are looking brown.  The beautiful inlet that we drove by daily was at low, low tide, and a mass of mud. It is still 20 minutes from town to get to our old neighborhood.  Strip malls have not gone away.  I did not go by my old house, due to being a chicken.  If the new owners had improved it, I would not have liked them for it, and if they had let the place go, I really would not have liked it.   Puget Sound was the really the beauty.  

For several days I had been thinking about going by the office of my old doctor.  He was at the back of my mind for days. Our hosts from the night before told us the our doctor was retiring.    Mr. Radish and I both went in to the office the following day and the place was in organized confusion.  Files were everywhere.   The reception /bookkeeper ladies were so happy to see us.  But they said the doctor had had a stroke and also had cancer.  They were fighting back tears.  I was fighting back tears to help them. Here is a man that everyone loved, younger than ourselves, with a cleaner way of life.  In Florida, due to their system, I have five specialists and none of them are as generous to patients as this man.  Moral of the story:  Don't hesitate to appreciate people now.  



July 18, 2015/Family living


This week and the next several weeks Mr. Radish and I are staying with our youngest daughter and her family just outside Seattle.  The family is gone to see the other grandparents this week, so we have their house to ourselves.  The weather here will get to 93 or 95 degrees today, which is hotter than it is going to be where we live in Florida.  It is a good thing we are getting used to hot in Florida, or we would be keeling over here.  Florida is actually hotter as there is the humidity. But everywhere in Florida there is AC. In jest I say even the side walks have it.  

Three generation living so far has been fine, but there have only been three days and we are all on best behavior. This is what I have liked so far:  I like seeing the grandsons in their everyday.  I like being part of the family.  Part of the yeahs, and nays, so to speak. I like a boy climbing into the car after soccer practice and saying, "Hi Grandmere". I like a boy coming over to me on the couch and helping me play a Pop-it game. I like seeing how he learns to strategise.  I like a grandson liking one of my homemade popsicle.  Everyone else declined.  

What is not so good  is we are crampted.  It is all working out great for me, but my daughter and her husband are paying the price.  I was hoping to be useful, but frankly at 76, you are kind of in the way. Making a dinner and doing some dishes does not cut it.   What you see when you are around is, all that is not spoken on the telephone.  How very hard they work.  How many pick ups a day there are for children.  You see what you went through as a mother asking a kid to clean a room, or take out the garbage. I think about my mother.  I hope I was this nice to her. 



July 17, 2015/ Planned Parenthood and the parts trade

In 1960 Mr. Radish took care of mice and rats at the the med center of UCLA feeding them and cleaning cages.  I know someone who is a coordinator for havested body parts from say accidents to being sure that the right donor part goes to the right recipient. So I am somewhat familiar with the use of bodies for life and science.  However this latest bit about aborted fetuses being used for sale is beyond, beyond.  Pictured on the Internet a picture associated with Planned Parenthood looked like full term babies.  I am sure baby body parts can be harvested at a much earlier time.

The recent discussion is about a high executive Planned Parenthood Executive, talking on tape, about killing the babies to be aborted and where to crush them to best save the parts that are wanted to be sold.  I guess I never knew how babies were aborted.  

What will my writing this here be of use to anything or one?  Well it will document where I stand.  Second, making this a matter of importance could possible register as a real person stating what is a problem , rather than a media bllitz.  Who knows, some lady out there in cyber space, her energy /prayer might save some babies head being crushed.  I would like that.   



The above photo is flying into Seattle.   I was moved by the fact that I was not coming home to my own bed.  I am a guest on this visit.  I live in Florida.