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About me

People ask me about the name of my blog and the Radish part.  I used radishes because they are visual attractive, round and red. And when old, they are old a little caustic and biting.   Sometimes that is me. 

 I live on Puget Sound, in Washington with my husband.   My subject matter is always in flux.  I go through different crazes and my blog goes with me.  I enjoy food, photography, I love my family, and I am creative always.  I write about life.    


December 20, 2014

This is the Eve of my ninth blogging birthday.  I have never done something for more than seven years.  I realize that I got off track for a while, but that should change with a little more organization on this Florida end.  Though I am realizing I have less and less to say.   

To improve both my blog and my photos, I am joining a studio group for community.  You have to pay for this sort of thing.  But I have had such an emotional time with the sale of our Washington house that I take that out in retail therapy. And I am not going to count it even Christmas.  It is therapy.  Yesterday I literally thought I would have a heart attack over some of the details of the sale.  I had to go to bed and watch an episode of Call the Midwives.  I cried over that show, and continued into the afternoon.  My husband left the house , to do his errands and luckily I had a chat with a daughter, who told me I was right about the situation.  She said after this sale, I am writing a letter to her boss, and tell the boss how the real estate agent has abused you.  Now, I doubt this will happen, but I loved my daughter for standing up for me.  Ah yes, the age card.  

Here is a little Christmas tout. It is for you.    If you are tired of your slow cooker recipes, but want something good, but easy here is a little sleeper of a cook book, SHEET PAN SUPPERS.  I have been doing sheet pan sausage recipes, and did not know that that was called sheet pan.  This is at least as easy as slow cookers, and probably more sophisticated.  


December 17, 2014

Today is Mr. Radish's birthday.  He gives himself monthly birthday  parties, but this is his yearly.  He is a Sagitarian. It is our pleasure to go to the Jacksonville airport to pick up our granddaughter on  Christmas leave from college.  

One daughter and her family are coming for Christmas Eve.  We will go to church around 4-5 and then have a holiday meal.  I am not putting up a Christmas tree this year for a lot of reasons, one of which I can not bring myself to buy an artificial tree, as coming from Washington I had exceptional trees.  Not the decorations , but the tree itself. But not having a tree this year is fine with me as I long wanted to try a floral arrangement of flowers and do-dahs, and candles.  Yesterday I went to the florist nursery. 

This particular aforementioned daughter is worried the house might not be festive enough.  But I will add a sprig of  greens with a red bulb.  Going into the age  of ageing parents is going to have a lot of surprises.  



December 13, 2014

At last I am taking a few pictures. I thought my creativity had fallen off a cliff.  Not that this picture is all that creative, but it does get me behind my camera .  


Now that I have moved away from all my family.  I am glad that I have Amazon Prime.  Of all the recent price increases, I think the cost of mailing packages is the worst.  All of the prices have climbed because it was said of high transportation costs. I would truly like to see the Post Office privatized.   Now that there is a glut of oil, has anyone seen a price reduced.  None-the less I am remaining firm and I am sending out Christmas cards.



December 12, 2014


This is a corner of my new kitchen.  And so far I have been cooking in this one little corner.  I have tons of counter space, but it seems this little corner has everything I need.  At my last house the kitchen was tidyied up so nothing was on the counters.  I loved that clean look, but now there is little drawer space and I have not discovered the optimum way to use it.  

As I have said, I got through this move by buying cookbooks for my IPad Kindle app.  Some were good and some where not.  A lot were French cooking and some where baking and at least one French baking.  I continue to look for the perfect baking cookbook which you do not really need to bake.  I just want to stir things up a bit and be done with it.  Yesterday I did that with Chocolate mousse.  

A kindle version of a recipe is okay for reading in bed.   Which I do.  But cooking from it is more problematic.  If you do not set your settings correctly, the whole machine closes down.  But the real problem is that if you find a recipe that you like, it is hard to find it again.  The current phase is to not organize cookbooks by ingredients, it is more of a meal, or a strategy, or a method organization.  

Here is a list of some of the books I bought and brief comments.  

BUVETTE great book for a Francophile.  Great styling and good recipes.  

EASY GOURMETexcellent book for anyone.  Very doable.  See her

A BOAT, A WHALE AND A WALRUS  Seattle author, Perhaps my favorite book.  

ONE POT A Martha Stewart book with good recipes, doable, 

BITTER  Fantastic reading, and some new ideas. You have to be open to bitter taste

PRUNE  I would not know because I can not find anything.  Understand it is a great restaurant.

PLENTY MORE  I have not read much from the book because it seems hot weather oriented and it has a thousand ingredients.  

KITCHEN ECOSYSTEm Very interesting approach.  Cooking ahead for other meals.  But I did not find it that useful.,  still interesting reading.

THE KITCHENThis is a book for novices almost ,as there is a lot of good stuff about organization, which I am using in this move.  



December 8, 2014

 Well, there are some overcast days in Florida.  Dreary is dreary in the east as in the west.  Some people love it here as it is a change from sun plus sun.  They think it is exciting to put on their jeans.  In the Pacific Northwest finally summer comes and all of a sudden shorts seem like a good idea.  Today could be a jeans day.  

Moving is all consuming.  Here on the other side we are getting ourselves together.  Today bookcases have been anchored to the wall.  Great event because we have many books to put away.  We have boxes and boxes of pictures which we have yet to open because there are few walls to place pictures.  As I put each book away I am trying to say, "Do I really love this?"  Even my beloved cookbooks , some are hitting the garbage bin.  I have toughened up after reading the book the life-changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo.