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About me

People ask me about the name of my blog and the Radish part.  I used radishes because they are visual attractive, round and red. And when old, they are old a little caustic and biting.   Sometimes that is me. 

 I live on Puget Sound, in Washington with my husband.   My subject matter is always in flux.  I go through different crazes and my blog goes with me.  I enjoy food, photography, I love my family, and I am creative always.  I write about life.    


May 29, 2015/Baltimore


While we were in Baltimore, our taxi driver  drove Mr. Radish and myself around Baltimore.  He did not want to take us to bad areas because among other reasons he wanted us to see the beautiful side of Baltimore.  We loved our private excursion through the beautiful parts of the city.  It was a lovely season to see the city and there were flowering trees and beautiful gardens.  

We stayed in a part of town that was very nice although not that far from where the riots had been.  Now there is more discontent. The police are standing aloof in many cases now, and when they do go out they are met by crowds who surround them not allowing them to do their work.  

We all assume that this is because of racism.  But we may be too quick to assume that.  There is a new book out that my favorite, Thomas Sowell talks about.   Here is what Dr. Sowell says:


"Another book that would open the eyes of most of today's graduates to a world they have never encountered or conceived is "Life at the Bottom" by Theodore Dalrymple. It shows the actual effects of the welfare state on the way people live their lives. It is not a pretty picture, but inexperienced young people need to become acquainted with realities, after years of hearing high-sounding theories.

The fact that "Life at the Bottom" is about low-income whites in England, living lives remarkably similar to the lives of blacks in American ghettos, means that it cannot be dismissed as racism, the way American promoters of the welfare state evade responsibility for the social disasters they have created."

In addition to the Bible, I wish there was a book on etiquette during anarchy.  We might need to know.  




May26, 2015/ Callie Rogers Graduate

Here is Callie Rogers graduate of Johns Hopkins University on May 21, 2015 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Molecular Biology.  What an accomplishment for her and her parents!  

She has taken a job in Baltimore where she will be an administrator directing live organs to the surgeons who are going to implant them.  She may later continue with school or she may not.  Life is now an open door.  But for the moment she gets a breather, and a chance to work, play and ponder.   

The family had a great time over the weekend.  We ate a lot and in wonderful restaurants.  What a wonderful time to be together.  Callie, thanks for all the work you did getting us to get us to this wonderful festivity.



May 19, 2015/ Callie and random


May 18, 2015/ Truth

Recently I read Dennis Prager's short book on the Ten Commandments. The ninth commandment is : Do not give false witness against your neighbor.  Dennis says this means two things: "Do not lie when testifying in court, and do not lie . Period."  This commandment was instilled in me by Sunday School and my parents.  For myself, I had better performance in the big stuff, rather than the little stuff.  I am pretty good at dressing up a situation. . .possibly in my blog, because it just seems better.  

But truth is a cornerstone of society.  And Dennis Prager says that it is likely the most important.  Without truth in society, there is no trust.  As Mr. Prager says, the Holocaust happened because ten of millions of people believed the lie that Jews were inherently inferior to Aryans.  

The above is a big example, but think about here and now.  Think about politicians.  Are they telling the truth?  Think about Tom Brady? What are we telling our children? Think about what you are hearing, and its truthability. This is an excercise that needs to be used.  We can only start with one.  Myself. 


 PS.  It occurred to me that readers thought I had made the layouts in the photo below.  No. The top was from Martha Stewart, the second a page in Marco Samuelson book about cooking at home, and the bottom was an ad out the the William- Sonoma catalog.  I am not that good.  I took their pictures and then photoed those.   


May 15, 2015/type examples


Above are examples that I like of using type on a page. The top and bottom are examples of good contrast. The middle is kind of quirky and more fun.  Typography has fun names like spine, kearning, families, and marriages.  It is not so hard to learn the rules, but making you fingers do what your brain is telling you is harder.  One needs the muscle memory.  Julieanne Kost, a Sr. Adobe Evangelist---a great photographer, says that she takes on one new project a year. This gives her a whole new vocabulary.  One year she took up gardening and this year I am guessing it is water and all that goes with it, such as texture, and  boats.   I think, if I am disciplined, I might take up a year of type.  I will revisit this idea.