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 People ask me about the name of my blog and the Radish part.  I used radishes because they are visual attractive, round and red. And when old, they are old a little caustic and biting.   Sometimes that is me

 I live in Northeastern Florida, and I moved here from Puget Sound of Washington.   My subject matter is always in flux.  I go through different crazes and my blog goes with me.  I enjoy food, photography, I love my family, and I am creative always.  I write about life.   Lately I have included some politics and religion.   


July 27, 2016

This is taken at Mr. Radish and my Tuesday spot for lunch.  There is a pound of shrimp for $10.00 which we split add a cup of chowder.  

Good news for Radish.  Eventually I will be closing this site down.  I have a new web site: It is live now and you can go there.  My granddaughter did all the technical work on the site getting it programmed.  It is still a work in progress so feel free to tell us if it is not understandable or does not work. I currently have three pages.  If you click in the upper left corner on the three lines, and then click the day2dayradishes, you will find all of this site transferred there.  I will keep adding to both the day2dayradishes and the cook sally cook page.  

If you hit the three lines in the upper left, you can change pages.   

I have decided that I want to write a cookbook.  The recipes will be on the cook sally cook page.  I welcome you to comment.

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This is a scary project that I have cooked up.  The world does not need another cookbook, but I think the world needs a cheerleader in the kitchen.  I am hoping that is me.





July 23, 2016/ The Flavor Bible and Pickles

One of the things that I am trying to reveal, explain, and cheerlead is how I go about my cooking.  THE FLAVOR BIBLE, by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg  has been in my library since 2008.  

Sometimes I am unsure what flavor what goes with what.  Sometimes I do not care, and punt, other times I use what I have in my cupboard.  But this book is good for when I really want some solid knowledge.  This book takes almost any ingredient and tells you what are flavors, spices or sides that go together.  Today I made radish quick pickles, and added garlic.  In this book garlic was not mentioned with radishes, but basil, parsley and thyme were listed.  In bold letters the book mentioned vinegar, sea salt and cream cheese.  When these pickles are ready tomorrow I am going to take at least 3 triscuits, and spread cream cheese and layer radishes on top and then layer basil leaves.  

Oh, my gosh, I just made up a recipe.  

Here is a general recipe for quick pickle brew:

3/4 cup water

3/4 cup apple cider vinegar

1 1/2 teaspoons sea salt

2-3 tablespoon sugar

Add to a small pot and heat until sugar is disolved.  Pour in pint jar that has been packed with thinly sliced vegetables like, radishes, cucumbers, or carrots or onion rings.  Cool, then refrigerate.  This will last several weeks. Add herbs if you like.   Make it up! The apple cider vinegar can be switched for rice vinegar.  





July 20, 2016

Considering how bad the Republican Convention I expected, I am enjoying some of the speakers.  Harry Truman's convention was the first convention that I remember, and my mother took me down to the train station to see him at his whistle stop speech in Palo Alto, California.  First the conventions were on the radio and my parents paid attention.  Then there was the hubbub of television.  The settings were pretty plain in the beginning, and I think today's stage set up is pretty satisfactory.  

Always at the convention there was the rah rah and I have to say  in some years when I was younger, I thought them cheesy. Today rah rah almost seems refreshing.   It has been refreshing to hear people speak up. A black man from Colorado who is running for Senate, gave a great speech.  Paul Ryan, who I am occasionally wondering where he is coming from, sounded positively Presidential. Rudy Gulianni had the crowd going on the first night.  The Press dumped on Melenia Trump, but honestly if you are at a convention and you are speaking on your husband's behalf, how origional can you be? I did not see Donald, Jr.'s speech, but I did see the actress/avocado farmer woman.  She was very good.  Ben Carson warmed my heart.  

Currently, I think that I am in the minority of people with older, and Christian values. I think I am alone.  Watching some of the wonderful speakers made me feel part of a larger, greater group.  I am taking my pleasures where I can.  

This IS our time.  This is our time to stand up for freedom and liberty, and be against corruption.  It is our time to pay attention to our neighbors. Let's  put our texts down and pay attention to the person next to you.

 And God Bless America.  


July 19, 2016

Argentineans make this chimichurri sauce for their meat dishes and the French have a similar sauce replacing the red pepper with anchovy.  I made this sauce to add to my grilled skirt steak.  

Here is the recipe:  Take a large handful of parsley, sans stems, chop, add three large finely minced garlic, some chopped , add 2T of wine vinegar, and a 1/2 cup olive oil.    Add either a chopped anchovy, or a red pepper that has been charred and peeled.  

I loved the sauce, Mr. Radish did not.  He did not want his meat mixed up with some fancy________ sauce.  

I used the leftover sauce to marinate monk fish which I then grilled.  I used the last bit to add to mayonnaise which has been used on fish, hamburgers.  Excellent uses.