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 People ask me about the name of my blog and the Radish part.  I used radishes because they are visual attractive, round and red. And when old, they are old a little caustic and biting.   Sometimes that is me

 I live in Northeastern Florida, and I moved here from Puget Sound of Washington.   My subject matter is always in flux.  I go through different crazes and my blog goes with me.  I enjoy food, photography, I love my family, and I am creative always.  I write about life.   Lately I have included some politics and religion.   


July 9, 2016

Random thoughts:

Well, I am back on politics and touchy subjects.  

My computer is fixed more or less.  

The fix was in for Hillary, but I doubt that in the District of Columbia a jury could have been found to convict her. The city is primarily black and Democrat.   Comey gave us a gift.  Run with it Congress.  

See the link below for a wonderful and pretty easy peach tart.

Another link:

The above is a book we have ordered after hearing the author speak on radio.  This is a book on facts and fiction about police in America.  Her expertise helped the New York police department vastly reduce its crime rate.  War on Cops. The facts and figures about white cops killing blacks and blacks killing whites are interesting.  Totally reversed to what Obama and the press report.  

Living in the sixties, race was front and center and very scary.  My body still feels the anxiety of picking my husband up at the old Dodge Stadium in the hood, on a hot summer night  after a game.  I was terrified .  This was just before the race riots.  

Hobby Lobby is coming to Palm Coast.  My granddaughter may have a job if she can start two days late.  Hobby closes on Sunday, and they pay $15.00 an hour.  Move over Michael's. It will take 6 weeks to stock the store.  









July 4, 2016



Yesterday we went to our church for the first time in seven weeks.  We looked forward to going.  We looked forward to everything including the music.  We sang two verses of the Star Spangled Banner and we were reminded to open up the hymnal because no one knows the second verse which happens to have a lot of religious references.  In Florida no one is embarrassed about religion and singing the second verse.  The recessional was the Navy Hymn.  


Our sermon was about how America  and the Constitution were formed as a Christian nation based on the Bible. Liberty was the main focus.  I thought to myself that I haven't heard the word liberty very much lately, as in maybe three years.  Our founding fathers said that the Constitution would not work if we were not a Christian nation.  The backbone of understanding the Bible was necessary for those forming the Constitution.  This priest feels that America will not be healed without a return to Jesus Christ.  Our country has tried a lot of other secular paths lately, and so far I see no improvement in the healing of our country , only more decisiveness.


This afternoon I will be attending a lovely family event of three generations.  It will be lots of fun and lots of food.  But today I am going to be praying for the healing and the health of America, and I have to say dear Jesus Christ come to our aid.    


“You are Americans. You love freedom. It is interwoven with every ligament of your heart and soul. In this sense, the unity of this nation ought to be the main force of your liberty and your love of God and the love He wants us to have for each other ought to endear you to the preservation of our country.”  George Washington



July 2, 2016

This morning is my 56 wedding anniversary.  I greet it warmly.  Really enthusiastically.  For many years I have come to my anniversary a little miffed at my husband.  It happens every year like clockwork.  This  year Mr. Radish and I are arguing if he should go to a doc in a box because he can not get into the doctor's until Thursday.  He has a pain in his leg, he winces when he walks.  I am thinking his leg is going to collapse.  Now if he wants to be in pain until Thursday, that is entirely up to him, but I do not want a broken hip.  He is not seeing how inconvenient for the family if he would break a hip.  He is calling me "Mother".  Last night he tells me that it does not hurt at all, if he applies a lot of pressure with his hand.  


Today I awake and the Florida sun is shining.  It is my 56th anniversary and I am happy.  Mr. Radish is still asleep.  Do I want blackberry/buttermilk  or sour cream ice cream for dinner? Neither of us have presents, and that is just fine.   I might put on all of my makeup for the entire day.  It is 56 years, and I still love the stupid guy, and I know he loves me.  How good can it get?  This happens every year on my anniversay.




June 28, 2016


Are you drinking too much?  Are you not drinking enough.  Here is the book for you.  


I chose this book because I was reading about how much alcohol was acceptable for a woman daily.  I think it was Jamie Oliver who said that if you must, no more than 8 oz. of wine a day.  The problem here for me is I like a long cocktail hour.  Mr. Radish and I have always relaxed and had our main discussions of the day during the cocktail hour.  

Spritzes are perfect for me. Not too much alcohol. I can have several.  In the heat they are so refreshing.

SPRITZ is the book that tells you all your need to know about these apertivos.  Wine, bitters, liqours, vermouths, tonic, syrups, sodas are all the ingredients in the book.  The recipes are from the US and Europe, and then with abandon, you start creating your own.  I do not want mine too sweet, so I started leaving our the simple sugars.  The book has got me going looking for Aperol, and Capelletti, and new vermouths.  

Currently I am on a rose spritz kick.  But a drink I loved in Spain is also listed Tinto de Verana which is red wine, lemon syrup and soda, is listed in the book.  Though simple, you do need a recipe to make it come out the way the Spanish do.  

The appetizer section looks fabulous, but they a little labor intensive for my book.  But should you prepare them, your guests will love you.  

This is a book that I received from Blogging for Books.



June 27, 2016


This week my daughter took me to a neighbors house to oggle it.  The house was a one bedroom house  with an added guest house and a spectacular view of the the lake. the Infinity pool drew your eye to the view. The kitchen cabinets were designed by a Ferrari designer and imported. The kitchen was sleek, just like the car.   A Ferrari ad was staged at this house. The woman of the property was not allowed to touch the car.  Inside, art covered every surface of the house.  The day was lovely and the doors were open and streamers from all the art were wafting everywhere.  

Above photo is of an ice ball.  It was to be put in a water container for her party that day.  There were really two balls, one for the water and one that was going to melt and then the objects were going to be used for drinks.  The drinks ball had all kinds of herbs, fruits, and barks.  Some kind of liquorish was included.  This delightful ice ball is going to play well in Florida.