About me



 People ask me about the name of my blog and the Radish part.  I used radishes because they are visual attractive, round and red. And when old, they are old a little caustic and biting.   Sometimes that is me

 I live in Northeastern Florida, and I moved here from Puget Sound of Washington.   My subject matter is always in flux.  I go through different crazes and my blog goes with me.  I enjoy food, photography, I love my family, and I am creative always.  I write about life.   Lately I have included some politics and religion.   


January 15

This is a variation on a theme housework.  Admittedly I did no house work for a month except washing dishes,so everything got filthy, but the disorganization in that time was incredible.   Nothing was put where it belonged. Fortunately there have been the ball games to entertain me while I worked.   But this afternoon I got fidgety, and decided that Sunday was a day of rest after all.

Last night for dinner we had scallion pancakes, but it took a while to make ,along with seared tuna from Central Market.  It was fabulous.   The fish monger there was very helpful.   The sushimi grade tuna was like $18.00 a pound, which I had not bothereed to check the price and I said that I would have three pieces and when he handed me the package, it was $54.00. We had about a ten dollar piece.   Usually I am not into spending that much money because I do not think you get the benefit from the additional cost.  This was the exception.   The monger also showed me several frozen fish products, which were a great deal cheaper.   I am looking forward to trying those.   It was a meal made in heaven.   


January 14

Another day of rain. Seahawks won, which was fortunate because had they lost, they could not have lived down their bragging.   Meredith called to see if I like Jimmy Johnson's new spiky hairdo, and I replied, I don't like Jimmy Johnson.   

Two projects that have interested me in the last several days.   This is plus the scrapbooking and picture organizing.   I am working on getting my house together so I can pursue my artistic endeavors.   

One is making a family or what ever cookbook.  There are sites on the Internet which facilitate this.   I think the price is right, about $70.00 for five books, and one free month of the site and then you pay there after as you get your book together and work on the site.   

The other idea that is fascinating me is photo transfers to fabric.   I think the products could be fun.  Such as aprons or pillow cases.  I am having a obsession with aprons lately, and I may have to make some.   The Christmas apron I made some years ago, I like a lot:  it is long enough and the straps wrap around my ample waste.   I saw a wonderful linen one in Sauveur and frankly $50.00 is probably as cheap as making one.   


January 13,

Today has been an  errand day.   Blood work and chest xray for my Monday cardiology.  Then I went to Cental Market in Mill Creek to stock up on Japanese/Asian ingredients.  My regular helper was not there, but one Japanese /Amrerican woman helped me, and we discussed the different brands of sesame oil.  I was quite frugal, no maybe middle of the road.  But you could have bought oil five times as expensive. She showed me the brand that she bought.   I noticed that almost all the rice was sold in 20# sacks.   I did not think that I was ready for that. We both agreed that brown rice was best.  She was very gracious, and very thin.   Also you can buy sake for $7.00 or $25.00.  Lastly I bought two little plastic bowls with lids for soup. 


Sad day

Today was a sad day.  The Rogers left.   It was such a good visit.  The children were great and we always fall into this nice equilibrium and then they leave.   I realize that I should not complain as they were here a month and at least a month in the summer.  But still.. . They always have dinner down here and we usually eat lunch together and this year the girls and I sewed.  We should have sewed much more but, somehow the time gets away and also my patience is limited.   But I am going to correct the sewing situation for the summer.   I was so pleased that the girls had some aptitude. 

We have had 25 straight days of rain, although it did not rain today, but starting tomorrow it is supposed to rain into the next week.  I talked to friends today in California and they asked if I wasn't depressed.   Actually I was not a bit depressed because I had these kids and something was always going on.  I realized that this validated my theory of weather and depression.   You can have the same period of weather, and one time you will say how bad the weather is, and another time you will say, "Oh, it wasn't so bad.   That was also true with Arcata summers.  Anyway, it is a transition time.  I did take a morning and an afternoon nap.   

Mere, Margaret and I are all hating our housekeeping.   We open a drawer, a closet, a laundry room, a pantry and everything is a mess.   Time to clean.   So much for relaxing in January.   



What a lovely little holiday!  The day of the three wise men, or the day that Christ was presented to the world.  Tomorrow the tree will come down and every thing put a way and money left to the Boy Scouts for hauling the tree away.   A little special dinner tonight, steak and baked potatoes, good, but unfancy.  I like it when Epiphany is celebrated at church on the actual day as in Friday today.  This is a high feast day, but in the past come times it has been celebrated quietly with few people and it was a perfect ending to Christmas.  Somehow I can manage to be more pious on this day rather than thinking how to get dinner on the table after the Christmas Eve service.   

We celebrated by going to have my echo cardiogram taken, then all going to breakfast, and then shopping.   Well it is sort of like Christmas.  We got Will his replacement birthday present.   I got products for my face, mainly lipsticks and lip products.    I got a new wok and socks.   I got the biggest pair of pantie hose that I could find and I hope this will encourage me to wear some skirts, which I actually own.   I bought the girls sewing accessories for their sewing.