About me



 People ask me about the name of my blog and the Radish part.  I used radishes because they are visual attractive, round and red. And when old, they are old a little caustic and biting.   Sometimes that is me

 I live in Northeastern Florida, and I moved here from Puget Sound of Washington.   My subject matter is always in flux.  I go through different crazes and my blog goes with me.  I enjoy food, photography, I love my family, and I am creative always.  I write about life.   Lately I have included some politics and religion.   


December 20, 2005

December 20,   it is 1:30 in the afternoon and I am by myself with the dishwasher running and the drier tumbling.   Mary Katherine and Margaret/families are out shopping.  This is the first day of my blog and I give thanks to my grandaughter, Callie for getting me started.   I intend to make food notes, family notes, and photos to this site and try to do some digital scrapbooking here. 

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